Allied Countries Send Leopard 2 And Abrams Tanks To Ukraine As Posters Send Memes

Allies in Europe and the United States have announced new shipments of several dozen tanks to Ukraine, offering the embattled Eastern European country a powerful new set of weapons in its fight against Russia. Memes about the tanks rolled out almost as soon as the announcements did.

The new tanks came after a controversial hesitation by Germany and its leader Olaf Scholz, who was wavering about whether to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainians. France, Spain, Slovakia, and other European countries have already sent tanks or promised to send them.

Germany ultimately sent tanks because the United States sent 31 Abrams tanks as well, leading to a series of memes about the volume of military aid going to Ukraine. The hesitation by the German government is part of a larger pattern: Western countries, nervous about possible escalation, tend to limit the amount and type of military aid they give to Ukraine in order to not antagonize Russia too much. Leaders around the world are trying to strike a delicate balance between helping Ukraine defend itself and avoiding a broader war. According to many analysts, the tanks represent a significant and necessary contribution to Ukrainian self-defense and a new step in the war.

Supporters of Ukraine online celebrated, glad to hear the news. In particular, the account Saint Javelin as well as the NAFO alliance continued posting memes about this latest development in the war, which just happens to fall on President Zelenskyy’s birthday.

Others mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing out a famous 2015 incident where a new Russian T-14 Armata tank broke down in the middle of a parade, and got stuck in the middle of the street.

As the war continues, the tanks will certainly be used.

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