CarJitsu Proves To Be A Successful Sequel To PunchBox

CarJitsu, a Russian «MMA:: fighting sport in which two competitors fight entirely self-contained within a car, happens to be the second fight sport created by the RuTube creative team Punch Club, with their first being the successful PunchBox.

Similar to PunchBox, the unorthodox venue for fighting, as well as the unique advantages and disadvantages brought on by the environment, make for incredibly entertaining and viral fights. Clips of the recent CarJitsu match that took place in a convertible were quick to make the rounds on social media in recent days as the viral videos spread.

This event follows the successful and equally viral PunchBox, which is a similar MMA-style fighting competition in which two men are locked into a European phone booth to fight it out. In 2021, a YouTube video capturing one of the early Punch Box matches garnered some attention online, but in recent months, the sport has been more widely attracting interest from both MMA press coverage and those on platforms like Twitter.

Videos of a recent big phone-booth fighting match also made the rounds on social media last weekend and earlier this week, with people equally shocked, excited and dumbfounded at the sport.

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