Football Fans Worldwide Cringe As Tua Tagovailoa Suffers 2nd Massive Injury In Four Days, Kicking Off Rush Of Memes

Last night, the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals took the field to play against each other, with the Dolphins being 3-0 and the Bengals 1-2. Before the game had even started, however, there was grumbling online as the Dolphins listed their starting quarterback as Tua Tagovailoa, a player who just four days prior was rocked so hard by an impact that he was placed under concussion protocol, meaning he had to be cleared by medical professionals to be allowed to play again due to player health concerns.

After deciding to start him, the worst thing that everyone feared would happen, did, with Tua sustaining another vicious hit to his back and neck, causing him to crumble on the field and require a medical stretcher to carry him off and take him to the nearest hospital.

Naturally, this kicked off a host of memes among NFL fans shortly after, propelling both the Dolphins and Tua into the meme spotlight.

After the hit, everyone began talking about how impactful it was, how it made them feel, and how badly the Miami Dolphins organization was perceivably treating their quarterback — especially considering the QB is objectively the most important player on the field since he’s the one who handles the ball the most and is responsible for running the offense.

It’s well-known that a good quarterback with a bad team can still find mild success, while a good team with a bad quarterback rarely manages to get anything productive to happen. To that end, the NFL has protocols in place that if a player gets hit hard and is visibly shaken, they need to be cleared by staff to be allowed to play, which many are claiming the Dolphins are not following correctly.

This led to a rash of memes in a Weekend at Bernie’s style in which an obviously unconscious or dead body is being paraded as alive and well.

Shortly after the game ended last night, the Dolphins then stated that Tua would be released from the hospital and be able to fly home with the team. He’s since arrived safely home and is reportedly in «good spirits» despite the concussion.

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