iShowSpeed Receives His Second YouTube Strike After A ‘Fat Joke’ He Said To A Fan On Omegle

Twitch and YouTube streamer iShowSpeed has a growing list of bans, recently receiving a strike on YouTube for a fatphobic comment he levied at a fan during an Omegle livestream.

On September 19th, 2022, Speed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., was livestreaming his Omegle conversations, pictured with a blow-up sex doll that he had dressed up in real clothes. A 15-year-old fan appeared out of the chatroulette algorithm who started making fun of Speed for having dressed up the doll. Speed retaliated by quickly saying, «Ain’t no way you’re fat.»

As the stream continued, the «fat joke» fell to the wayside and no one in the chat or on social media thought much about it. This changed on September 21st, 2022, when Speed posted a tweet that included a screenshot of a YouTube strike he’d received that claimed he was harassing and cyberbullying in regards to his «fat joke.»

Soon after, Speed followed up on the strike with a YouTube video titled, «goodbye for now 💔….» in which the creator revealed that he’d be going dark online for 14 days. Obviously saddened and disgruntled by the strike, the video’s tone mirrored what he stated in his tweet, that «this one felt very weird.»

Of course, when saying, «this one felt very weird,» Speed was acknowledging his previous scandals, bans, strikes and warnings on Twitch and elsewhere that have stunted him since the end of 2021. The most notable ones are his December 2021 Twitch ban in which he appeared on Adin Ross’s e-dating show and made a «rape joke» that didn’t go over well, his April 2022 Valorant ban in which he made sexist remarks to a female Valorant player on stream and his July 2022 YouTube ban after he live-reacted to a Rule 34 Minecraft video.

As Speed has reached 10-Million subscribers on YouTube and attracted many clones, copycats and wannabes, his content creation career seems to only be on the up-and-up, however, if the 17-year-old continues to spout ill-advised sentiments, he could receive the Andrew Tate treatment platform-wide.

Whether this latest strike, or any of them, were completely warranted is up to the viewer. All the internet knows for now is that Speed won’t be back until October.

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