J.K. Rowling’s Latest Salvo In Culture War Is Claiming Anime Girl Saying ‘STFU TERF’ Is The Same Thing As Silencing Suffragettes

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has added yet another item to her lengthy list of TERF controversies, this time comparing an anti-suffragette political cartoon from the early 1900s to an anime girl saying «STFU TERF.» «Same s***, different century,» was the author’s read on the two images.

It appears Rowling is making the case that those who fought to prevent women from voting in the early 20th century are no different from those who are critical of women who say trans women shouldn’t use women’s bathrooms, or trans men are simply women who got tired of dealing with womanhood, or that autistic people are more susceptible to transitioning, all of which she implied in her «TERF Wars» essay in 2020.

Many were quick to point out some fundamental flaws in this argument. For example, those against the suffragettes in the early 20th century were largely white men who did not want to cede power to women, while those against TERFs are largely trans people and their allies, a group few would argue is politically powerful relative to a billionaire white woman such as Rowling.

While several chose to argue with Rowling, others noted that it was surreal and sort of hilarious that Rowling said a meme showing an anime girl with a gun was the same as a 1910s political cartoon showing a woman bound and gagged to a chair with her jaw clamped shut.

Considering the feelings J.K. Rowling has upon seeing an anime girl in a meme, one wonders how she feels knowing that Hatsune Miku wrote Harry Potter.

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