Nick Fuentes Disavows Streamers ‘Woozuh’ And ‘Smiley’ For Posing Outside Columbine High School With Fake Guns

Streamers Woozuh and SmileyDaFed are getting blasted online after posing outside of Columbine High School at night while wearing duster jackets and holding fake assault rifles.

The stream took place on Wednesday evening and several clips from it were posted to Twitter that same night. Twitter user @ant0nGG posted a clip where Woozuh walks in front of the sign for «Hope Columbine Memorial Library» and aims his fake rifle at the camera. During the clip, «Pumped Up Kicks», a song about a school shooting, plays.

In another clip posted by @ant0nGG, the streamers are seen talking to a police officer, who tells them they’re trespassing and can’t be taking pictures. When the officer sees what they’re wearing, he gets visibly upset, telling them to «think about what [they’re] doing.» The stream ended in the middle of the interaction.

Before the stream, Woozuh and SmileyDaFed were closely associated with controversial content creator and groyper Nick Fuentes, founder of the America First Political Action Conference and host of the livestreamed show America First with Nick Fuentes. However, thanks to the stream, that appears to no longer be the case.

Fuentes addressed the stream on a recent episode of America First, criticizing the streamers for going to Columbine, calling Woozuh «two-faced» and saying the streamers aren’t serious enough for the movement. Fuentes says he refuses to let them drag him down and that he needs «brains» and «loyalty» in the movement, saying, «I don’t consider [Woozuh and Smiley] AF anymore.»

Smiley has apologized for the incident and Woozhu has privatized his Twitter account, while Smiley has deleted his account altogether. Smiley first offered a draft of his apology to the Daily Dot, writing that what happened was «inexcusable» and that he told Woozuh he thought the idea was disrespectful, but decided to go along with it anyways, writing, «I have not surrounded myself with the best influences.»

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