Poker World Gets Its Own Cheating Scandal After Robbi Jade Lew Bluffs $109k Out Of Garrett Adelstein

The scandalous month for games you whip out on family vacation continues, as there is now a poker cheating controversy to rival the much-discussed chess cheating controversy that’s engulfed the internet the past few weeks.

The scandal surrounds a Texas Hold ‘Em hand played on the Hustler Casino Lives (HCL) stream. The table bows out until Robbi Jade Lew and Survivor alum Garret Adelstein remain. Adelstein has the eight and seven of clubs, while Lew has the jack of clubs and four of hearts. On the table is a ten of hearts, ten of clubs, nine of clubs, and three of hearts. Adelstein has a chance to get a straight flush, but ultimately ten-high nothing. He decides to go all-in on the hand, betting $109,000. Lew, who has Jack-high at the time, inexplicably decides to meet his bet. The final card does nothing to change the outcome of the hand, and Lew won a $270k pot while Adelstein stared incredulously.

Considering there were a pair of tens and two flush draws on the table, the fact that Lew called Adelstein’s all-in bet with basically nothing raised alarm bells among viewers and especially Adelstein.

In an explanation of the events posted afterward to Twitter, Adelstein suspected Lew was cheating on the hand, considering the overwhelmingly strong possibilities of his hand at the time Lew called his all-in bet and the weakness of her hand. He mentioned the possibility of Lew having a confederate or a technical device that would let her know if she had the best hand at the table (though he does not mention anal beads).

Adelstein, Lew and HCL co-owner Ryan Feldman stepped away from the board after the hand to discuss what had happened. According to Adelstein, that conversation had Lew defending her play while Adelstein accused her of foul play. Feldman told Lew that the clip would likely go viral, meaning she would have to defend herself from the public’s accusations of cheating, not just Adelstein’s. At that point, Adelstein describes Lew’s face as «melting.» She then offered to pay the money won in the hand back to Adelstein, which he accepted and took as an admission of guilt.

Lew and Hustler Casino have both denied cheating. Lew sent out a slew of fiery tweets, claiming she simply read that Adelstein had nothing, and ominously stated «full details to come.»

Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci insisted everything was on the up-and-up, saying later on the stream, «There’s no possibility that there’s anything that could be cheating goes,» Vertucci told Ingram. «We’ve checked everything.» Hustler Casino does not allow players to have cell phones, which have been used in alleged cheating incidents in the past.

Vertucci proffered the explanation that Lew had misread her hand, thinking she had a pair of threes (which still would have made for an extremely gutsy call in that situation). Lew had said something to that effect in the bewildering aftermath of her victory but made no mention of it in her tweets.

With a clear he-said/she-said situation unfolding, social media was left to wonder if Lew had somehow made an incredibly bold and probably foolish call that worked out in her favor or if she was somehow cheating.

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