The Island Boys Get Into A Heated Argument On TikTok Live, Inspiring Rumors That They’ve Broken Up

Speculation that the viral twin rap duo The Island Boys have broken up is spreading online after the two got into a heated argument on TikTok live earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the rappers, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, hopped on live like they often do to talk with their followers. In the clip going viral online, Redd and Flyysoulja are already in the middle of an argument over who came up with the idea of their viral song «I’m An Island Boy,» their claim to fame. It’s not clear what started the argument, but it seems to stem from Flyysoulja allegedly «talking bad» about Redd on another live stream with The Shade Room, an accusation Redd makes at the start of a 10 minute recording of the live uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

Throughout the video, Redd yells at Flyysoulja over a number of things, accusing him of ripping off his style and wanting to be just like him. At another point, Redd claims he’s «gone through more» than Flyysoulja, saying he «did more jail time» than Flyysoulja. Flyysoulja retorts, calling him a «crazy individual» and saying «nobody can prove who went through more.» Redd proceeds to make fun of one of Flyysoulja’s girlfriend’s looks, inspiring Flyysoulja to start a poll with viewers to see which twin they think is nicer. It’s after this that the two argue about who came up with «I’m an Island Boy.» Redd claims it was his idea, saying he told Flyysoulja to «get in the AirBnB» and he’s the one who «made the actual bars.»

Clips from the live stream have been going viral across the web, including Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, where numerous commentators are reacting to the story. Some people are claiming that the boys «broke up» after the stream, although these claims are unconfirmed.

The argument comes shortly after the two allegedly started living separately. In a live stream from August, Flyysoulja claims Redd has «mentally abused» him, telling him to «not let his girl get between them.» Before that in July, the two announced they’d star in an independent movie titled Haunted Airbnb. Whether or not that project is still in the works is unclear.

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