Twitch Adds To Horrible Week By Announcing Change In Revenue Split, Causing Some Creators To Call It The ‘Death Of Twitch’

Twitch picked potentially the worst week possible to confirm its controversial new revenue split, switching from a 70-30 percent split in top streamers’ favor to an even 50-50 percent after that streamer makes $100,000.

It was reported that Twitch was mulling over the new split in April, when the proposal landed like a lead balloon among many streamers who saw it as nothing more than a profit-boosting ploy on Twitch’s part at their content creators’ expense. The final announcement (in the form of a blog post by Twitch president Dan Clancy) appeared to do little to change their minds.

While most smaller Twitch streamers have a 50-50 split deal already, the 70-30 split was offered by Twitch to its bigger streamers. It changes on June 1st, 2023, when Twitch will implement a policy that streamers on the 70-30 plan will maintain that for the first $100,000 they make. After $100,000, they’ll then go to the 50-50 plan.

For many streamers, Twitch’s timing couldn’t be worse. The company has been at the center of numerous controversies over the past week as different top streamers have been accused of scamming their viewers for gambling money and covering up sexual assault.

The gambling controversy ultimately caused Twitch to ban any slot or roulette-type crypto gambling streams, essentially handcuffing streamers who made a living off gambling on the platform — though many have also been decrying the allowance of any gambling streams.

Now, Twitch’s announcement that its top streamers will earn less money on its platform has some considering if the site is headed for the graveyard while other top streamers eye potentially greener pastures on YouTube.

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