Twitch Continues Streak Of Public Backlash After Banning Russian Streamer Who Burns Gas Stove 24/7

Continuing its recent wave of generating backlash and controversial decisions as of late, Twitch has decided to follow up its contentious partner price-cut policy with the banning of a Russian streamer for reportedly having «violent content.»

Known as Russiangas1, the theme of the streamer’s entire channel revolved around leaving their gas stove on 24/7, all four burners lit, while having a message posted on the screen taunting Europeans over their gas shortage while Russia has very cheap gas prices. The man’s initial flex on Europeans, as well as sub-goals such as buying a camera for looking at the boiling water, made him a near-instant success on the platform lately and elsewhere online.

While Twitch is normally very hour-hungry in having its partnered streamers collect upwards of 160 hours of streamed content per month, it clearly wasn’t happy with Russiangas1’s continuous stream and blocked it entirely from the platform within days of it starting up and going viral.

This, naturally, riled up many among the community that was already mad for a litany of other recent reasons, and even caused a copycat account to appear, this time showing a 24/7 running faucet in a bathtub, which also fell victim to the banhammer.

Most noticed by people was the length of time on the bans, with them each being lifetime bans versus the seven-day ban given recently to a streamer who was caught having intercourse live on stream, which many claimed should have faced harsher punishment.

Throughout this week, Twitch has been at the center of several high-profile controversies as well-known streamers have been accused of scamming viewers for gambling money and covering up sexual assault.

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