Viral Clip From ‘Forspoken’ Sparks Debate On What Constitutes ‘Bad’ Video Game Dialogue

It’s been just over five months since the first trailer for video game Forspoken hit the internet and quickly became a meme for its over-the-top, quippy, Marvel-esque narration. The game comes out today, which means its time for the internet to see if the cringe in the trailer made its way into the game. One viral clip tweeted by @G27Status has been at the forefront of the discourse:

The scene finds the protagonist Frey chatting with her magical Cuff. Cuff waxes poetic on the nature of destruction and corruption and Frey needles it for its pretentiousness. @G27Status held it up as an example of cringeworthy dialogue in Forspoken, but unlike the unanimous pile-on that occurred after the trailer dropped, this clip proved more divisive.

As @G27Status’ tweet racked up 7,900 quote-tweets in one day, many argued that they were being too harsh, and the dialogue in the clip was pretty decent, not unlike something you’d hear in an Uncharted or Spider-man game.

Others were less charitable, saying it reminded them of commonly reviled dialogue tropes, particularly those associated with Joss Whedon.

While reactions to the clip seem fairly split, it’s possible Forspoken may mark a turning point for video game writers to move away from light-hearted, quippy dialogue, particularly voiced by teen characters. As several commenters pointed out, the highlighted clip isn’t remarkably different in tone from popular franchises, particularly Marvel’s Spider-man. It’s also likely the case that Forspoken’s script was completed well before the backlash to its style was in full force, making it the scapegoat for the public’s recent distaste.

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