YouTuber And Game Tournament Host Ludwig Ahgren Becomes Co-Owner In Fast-Rising eSports Organization Moist eSports

The former Twitch star turned YouTube Gaming juggernaut Ludwig Ahgren has made a mogul move many saw coming, but still was unexpected, entering into a partnership with Cr1tikal to become a co-owner in his organization, Moist eSports. For Ludwig, who previously announced his intent in November to focus more on eSports and tournament hosting, this seems like a natural step in his continued stepping deeper and deeper into the eSports scene. The announcement was made via video and social media posts, causing other influencers and streamers to weigh in.

Despite the knowledge in how eSports teams are known for being massive money pits, in his announcement video for the partnership, Charlie made it well aware that he’ll continue putting money into the org even if it doesn’t prove possible, causing many others to believe that as long as the Moist and Mogul Moves brands remain strong, the organization is guaranteed to endure when others start to get cracks in their armor.

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