Agolde and Istituto Maragoni Miami Fashion School partner for Design Contest to benefit Student Scholarship Fund

The prestigious Istituto Marangoni Miami, a top U.S. fashion school, and AGOLDE, the L.A.
based denim brand, show their support for sustainability and the future generation with the
launch of a special product collaboration.

AGOLDE, a fashion-forward denim label dedicated to setting the standard for advanced,
directional denim, has joined forces with Istituto Marangoni, Miami’s premier fashion school,
on a special student design contest and product collaboration. Istituto Marangoni’s fashion
students were given the opportunity to create artwork for a graphic tee where one winner’s
design will be selected to be sold on AGOLDE’s website with proceeds going towards the
Miami Fashion Foundation Student Scholarship Fund.

Students who elected to participate in the contest were asked to submit original graphic
artwork designs for a t-shirt that expresses AGOLDE’s commitment for the future of fashion
– a vision that is thoughtful and believes in using methods that reduce their imprint on the
global environment and to promote their brand ethos of living sustainably and in harmony
with the earth, now and for the benefit of future generations. The brand’s Director of Global
Communications, Alicia Joines, shares: “We are honored to have teamed up with Istituto
Marangoni Miami to celebrate the talent of their students, young designers, who represent
the future of fashion and reflect our commitment to sustainability.”

After close consideration of the student’s artwork entries, the AGOLDE design collective and
Istituto Marangoni’s team selected Fabiana Polito as the winner of the design contest. The
talented young artist shares the influence behind her original design: “I took inspiration from
a childhood toy I owned, I looked for something that people would relate to, and so I chose
the Magic Grow Capsules. These capsules contained little toy animals that with water and
care, they would grow into bigger animals. I wanted to replicate that in my design. We have
one planet, one home, one earth, the same that our future generations will be living in, so it
is our duty to take care of our home, “grow the Earth” where everyone will be living in, and
inspire the same level of commitment in others as I had as a kid.”

Fabiana Polito will receive a prize payment and wide recognition of her original artwork. The
t-shirt will be crafted in 100% Recycled Cotton and will also have an eco-friendly hangtag.
AGOLDE will sell the winning t-shirt on the brand’s website ( beginning on
April 4th, 2022, leading up to Earth Day on April 22nd. 100% of the retail selling price of the
t-shirts will be donated to The Miami Fashion Foundation Student Scholarship Fund, a
nonprofit that assists a variety of undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled, or
wish to enroll, in Art & Fashion Educational Institutions of Higher Learning.

According to Hakan Baykam, President and CEO of Istituto Marangoni Miami, “Making a
conscious decision to shop with sustainable and ethical fashion brands like AGOLDE will
make a difference to the planet and the people within it. That’s what we believe and that’s
what we teach our fashion students every day. We are honored to partner with AGOLDE on
this forward-looking and very relevant sustainability contest.”

Agolde Grow T-shirt, courtesy of the brand


Within the Citizens of Humanity group, you’ll find Citizens of Humanity, AGOLDE and
GOLDSIGN. Three premium denim labels, each of which boasts a uniquely directional voice
and clearly carved place in the denim market. We are incredibly proud of each brand’s
independence, but even more so of the characteristics that unite them. Built upon a
philosophical foundation of commitment to quality and uncompromising standards, our core
values support everything we do. We use only the most innovative fabrics sourced from
around the world and facilitate product development in our vertically owned facilities to
create denim of the highest caliber. Companywide, each brand is committed to being
thoughtful in the creation of our denim and uses advanced methods to reduce our imprint
on the environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash
methods. In short, we invest in the future and look forward to all that is ahead.


With a highly qualified academic team, combining European instructors and prominent local
professionals, Istituto Marangoni offers a variety of fashion marketing courses and fashion
graduate programs. The Miami School of Fashion offers students an unprecedented
opportunity for innovation, inspiration, and creativity to build a promising future within the
fashion and design industry.

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