“Doing right by our people, our community, and our world” – Minnetonka’s commitment to sustainability

Operated since 1946 and still family-owned, American footwear brand Minnetonka is committed to becoming more sustainable and socially responsible every day. Over the years, the brand’s long-standing independence has allowed it to do things a little differently than other companies, it states on its website. The company is known for its comfy and beautifully crafted slippers influenced by traditional Native American moccasins. Its goal is to be a positive force as a company by caring for employees, the community and the world.

To become more eco-friendly, Minnetonka underwent its first top-to-bottom sustainability audit in 2021. Working together with external experts from Ecotone Analytics, the company mapped out the key environmental, social and governance issues to consider to ensure the communities and environments are treated with care. To keep its goals non-self-serving and aligned with broader global needs, the brand has linked its efforts to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These sustainability goals are tracked in a yearly report to ensure transparency.

Today, for example 66% of cow leather tanneries Minnetonka works with have been gold/silver certified by the Leather Working Group and 95% of the shoe boxes are
made with recycled materials. The brand is also dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workplace and making sure its production partners adhere to high ethical standards.

Since 2020 Minnetonka is furthermore committed to acknowledge the Native influence on its products and support the Native American community. In addition to actively sponsoring a number of Indigenous organizations, the brand is dedicated to partnering with Native American artists, designers and creatives who deserve recognition and payment for their work.

Picture: Minnetonka, Facebookpage of the brand

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