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USA-established outdoor brand Hi-Tec was created in 1974 when Frank van Wezel’s love of sports inspired him to develop squash shoes that were instantly comfortable, innovative and lightweight to wear.

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Hi-Tec introduced the world’s first lightweight hiking boot, the Sierra Sneaker. The brand continued its journey into the footwear industry by developing the Hi-Tec silver shadow shoe to stay on top of the running category. In 1995, Hi-Tec became the official shoe of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


The 2000s were an innovative period of time for Hi-Tec footwear as the brand debuted various technologies such as its V-Lite technology to produce a shoe design that was equally light as well as high-performing.

After 45 years, the label’s mission is still the same: to deliver comfort to its consumers, to provide made-to-last quality products and to offer unparalleled technology.


The international shoe brand sells in 85 countries worldwide under the brands Hi-Tec Outdoor, Hi-Tec Court, Hi-Tec Golf, Hi-Tec Sport, Urban collections and Magnum.

Hi-Tec’s collections are also available in the label’s online store and in its flagship store in Amsterdam. The main attraction of the store is the original pair of blue and white Hi-Tec sneakers on which Nelson Mandela walked his ‘The Long Walk To Freedom’, which has a place of honour in the store.

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