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Ice-Watch is a watch brand founded in Belgium in 2006. The label offers watches for men, women and children of all ages in many different styles and materials. The brand says its watches “perfectly adapt to the diversity of activities and tastes of those who wear them.” Eight to ten new collections are launched each year. Characteristic of Ice-Watch is its colorful design, which appeals to a wide audience.

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Ice-Watch was founded by Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen at the end of 2006 and has been distributed on the world market since 2007. With its Belgian design and the quality of Japanese movements, the brand quickly made a name for itself internationally. The watches are manufactured in Shenzhen, China, and logistics and distribution are managed from Hong Kong.


Ice-Watch successfully generated visibility through brand ambassadors from the international sports and music scene, as well as through partnerships and co-branding with prestigious companies such as car manufacturer BMW, Coca-Cola and Pantone Universe.

In 2020, Ice-Watch launched its first solar-powered watch, “ICE Solar Power”. Now, the solar-powered watch is also available in combination with recycled and sustainable materials. “With the launch of the ICE solar power, Ice-Watch demonstrates its commitment to meeting the expectations of consumers who want to make a real difference to the planet,” Ice-Watch states on its official website.


Today, Ice-Watch is sold online and offline around the world and is available in over 5000 stores worldwide. True to its motto “Change. You can.”, the Belgian brand wants to continue to shake up the watch market in the future with innovation, affordable prices and trendy designs. Sustainability also plays a major role for Ice-Watch and is constantly being pushed forward with the use of sustainable and recycled materials as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Picture: Ice-Watch, “ICE Solar Power”, official Facebook page of the brand

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