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LEFF Amsterdam, as the name suggests, is a brand from Amsterdam that creates unconventional watches in its studio in the city center of the Dutch capital. In addition to wristwatches for men and women, the Dutch label also offers a selection of indoor timepieces and speakers in industrial style.

“We believe watches are the perfect example of functional beauty, as they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at the same time. Actually, nobody really needs a watch –– and this challenges us even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have around their wrist,” the brand’s website states.

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LEFF Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by Arno Ruijzenaars together with his brother Dennis and designer Erwin Termaat. After initially starting with the creation of interior clocks, their focus gradually shifted to the production of wristwatches.


In 2015, LEFF Amsterdam teamed up with the famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, who is best known for his furniture made from scrap wood. This collaboration resulted in the iconic LEFF Amsterdam Tube Watches. The label’s signature watches are characterized by their industrial character, inspired by simple geometry, as well as the distinctive extruded ring on the dial.


Today, LEFF Amsterdam products are sold online and offline in eleven different countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. The brand continuously advocates for social justice and sustainable causes such as the Pacung Foundation in Bali and the LGBTQIA community through strong statements and donations.

Picture: LEFF Amsterdam, courtesy of the brand

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