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We Are HAH, brand's official website

Sustainability meets sexy with We are HAH. The West Hollywood brand offers eco-conscious lingerie, swimwear and daringly designed ready-to-wear clothing that is both accessible and appealing, colourful and makes you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. The label believes that you can be sexy with a purpose while having a soul.

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We are Hah was founded in 2014 by Sharleen Ernster in Los Angeles, the brand stands for the phrase ‘Hot as Hell’. With a background working for Victoria’s Secret and Guess, Sharleen wanted to break the cycle of waste in fashion. She decided to create pieces for women who are not trying to slim down their waist or push their breasts up, but rather be themselves: natural and comfortable.


At first, We are HAH was met with mixed feelings, as sustainability was not a buzzword yet. But in 2018, the fashion industry shifted its focus and sustainability became a priority. Since day one, We are HAH has been using sustainable fabrics such as EFL, a fabric made out of a base element of corn sugar. It also offers organic cotton underwear made in India. The brand goes even further by using eco-friendly digital and sublimination printing techniques, which uses 95 percent less water and allows high-quality patterns and colours. The cherry on top of all of their sustainable initiatives is that We are HAH also uses reusable plastic bags as packaging.


We are HAH now offers a plant-based, digitally printed panty collection in collaboration with British artist Zoe Grace, and the label has worked with media company Discovery to co-create an eco-friendly collection of lingerie, swim and sleepwear, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to protect the tigers. The brand’s designs are available on the brand’s online store and distributed through Victoria’s Secret and Free People’s online store.

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We Are HAH, brand's official website

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