Highlights: Seoul Fashion Week FW22

Seoul Fashion Week fall 2022 was held from March 18 to 23 at the
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Organized by the Seoul city government, this
year’s six day event took place both offline and online after three years
of virtual presentations. Last year’s success recorded a total of 74.43
million views globally according to Korea Now. 35 brands, 23 from the Seoul
Collection and 12 emerging designers from the Generation Next shows
participated in this season’s Seoul Fashion Week. Celebrity starpower that
graced the capital’s glimmering fashion event included actor Lee Jung-jae
from the breakout hit Squid Games, and supermodel Choi So-ra. K-pop stars
Pentagon and Weki Meki walked the runways symbolizing the undeniable global
cultural impact of the country’s soft power influence.


  1. Dew E Dew E
  2. BonBom
  3. Painters

Dew E Dew E

This design duo creates moments when women look the most attractive
based on the ‘romantic chic’ sensibility and a comfortable feminine look.
Having participated in the International Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul in
2016 and the International Fashion Art Exhibition China in 2015, Dew E Dew
E’s unique design concept wins public acclaim by selecting a relatable
topic that anyone can understand every season and expressing it in a story.
The latest collection presented a palette of pastels in chiffon and tulle,
along with combining unexpected elements of leather with denim.


“First of all, I think Korea has a lot of cultural assets and so many
inspirational elements. Now that I debuted at Seoul Fashion Week, next it
could be France, Paris Fashion Week, I want to go global,” designer Bonbom
Jo said in an interview with Korea Now. A favorite of K-pop stars such as
Taeyeon from Girls Generation and rising rookies NMIXX, BonBom’s FW2022
collection is titled “I know your sacrifice”. On the runway, the rebellious
female warrior theme was celebrated with barely there mini skirts, ready to
wear catsuits and reinterpreted biker trends in the sense of corsets and
crop tops.


Emerging designer Won Jeon has become a notable talent and he aims to
develop diverse cultures and styles through experimental avant garde
designs that have streetwear potential. His brand, Painters, was developed
for the purpose of creating a subculture artist group. Under the slogan of
‘Different Accepted Society’, it mainly targets women in their early to
mid-20s who are interested in art-related industries such as painting,
music, video, graphics, and editing. Painters’ Fall 2022 collection, named
“Accepted” consisted of trippy visuals inspired by commercial art,
venturing into hand-mixed fabrics and bigger than life proportions.
“Subversive basics”, a term trending on the Internet, was also spotlighted
by the Seoul-based designer in an array of pieces such as shredded skirts
and ruffled dresses.

Photos: Seoul Fashion Week’s website

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