Lizzo Announces New Shapewear Line Yitty — Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Lizzo has been teasing something big on social lately — and it’s not her upcoming album, her TV show, or double-duty hosting and performing on SNL. It’s her new shapewear line, Yitty, which she’s calling her biggest project to date.

Lizzo first shared the news in an interview with the New York Times, saying that Yitty will “give everyone the opportunity to speak for themselves when it comes to how their body should look and how they should feel in their body.” The name of the brand draws inspiration from Lizzo’s own childhood moniker.

According to Lizzo, this project has been something she’s had on her mind for years, especially after looking for shapewear a few years ago and finding nothing that suited her needs or her skin color. “I went to a store … looking for something for a party. And the shapewear aisle was in disarray, like someone went in there in a mad dash looking for something they couldn’t find,» Lizzo shared. «There were pieces on the floor, and there were only three colors — jet black, ivory white, or pink. No one is that color!” 


Lizzo brought up her idea for Yitty several times but no one «got the vision» — until now! The line, launching April 12 at at, ranges in size from XS to 6X and includes over 100 pieces comprising everything from thongs and leggings to shorts and bras. Prices range $14.95–$69.95.

Of course, Yitty aligns with Lizzo’s key mission to celebrate what makes you unique and beautiful. «I’m selling that more than I’m selling thongs, more than I’m selling bodysuits or I’m selling shapewear,” she explained of the «body normative» message of Yitty. “I’m selling a mentality that ‘I can do what I want with my body, wear what I want, and feel good while doing it.’ That whatever body you are showing off, it’s not, ‘Oh, how brave.’ No. No more of that. Nothing to see here but a body, just like your body.”

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