Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: H&M, Adidas, & More Brands Announce Restrictions

The list of brands cutting ties with Russia in light of its invasion of Ukraine keeps growing, especially within the fashion realm. As the world witnesses the conflict unfold, fashion brands and global retailers are announcing measures on their business operations, a telltale sign of how the imposition of sanctions can and will impact the industry.

Over the last few days, many brands have announced they will be halting or suspending sales in Russia, with some also offering support and solidarity with Ukraine.

H&M Group, one of the world’s largest retailers, announced on March 2 that it was temporarily pausing all sales in Russia. “H&M Group is deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stand with all the people who are suffering,» H&M confirmed in a press release shared on its website. «H&M Group has decided to temporarily pause all sales in Russia. The stores in Ukraine have already been temporarily closed due to the safety of customers and colleagues.” As BBC notes, the move is all the more notable considering Russia is H&M’s sixth-largest market.

On March 1, Reuters reported that global sportswear retailer Adidas had announced the suspension of its partnership with the Russian Football Union with immediate effect, joining FIFA and UEFA, who suspended Russian clubs and national teams from all competitions until further notice. While Nike didn’t comment on the conflict, the sportswear giant notably did halt online sales in its Russian website, The Wall Street Journal noted on March 2. Per Reuters, Russian Nike stores, as well as Ikea ones, are to remain closed starting March 3. Puma, another key player in the sportswear scene, stopped its deliveries to Russia but kept its stores in the country open.

American sports apparel company Under Armour has also addressed the war with sanctions and initiatives. «Like the rest of the world, we are shocked and saddened by Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. At Under Armour, one of our values is Stand for Equality. We believe in the power of democracy, the ultimate team sport,» the brand announced on March 3. «We are partnering with humanitarian groups to provide what is needed for those displaced and have also stopped all shipments into our sales channels in Russia. We are proud to stand with Ukraine against Russia’s attack on their democracy and will do what we can as a global company where standing for equality matters.»

British fashion house Burberry also paused all shipments to Russia until further notice “due to operational challenges,” Bloomberg noted. According to Business of Fashion, the brand highlighted that its priority is “supporting our people and partners, particularly in Ukraine and Russia.» Burberry also announced it will be donating to the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. TSWJ also noted luxury e-retailers Yoox Net-A-Porter Group SpA and Farfetch had also suspended deliveries in Russia.

As reported by Reuters, UK retailers ASOS and Boohoo have also suspended sales in both Russia. «Against the backdrop of the continuing war, ASOS has decided that it is neither practical nor right to continue to trade in Russia,» an ASOS spokesperson shared. The retailer had also halted sales in Ukraine for logistics reasons.

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