Selfridges introduces quiet shopping hours to celebrate Neurodiversity Week

Luxury department store Selfridges has introduced an initiative that will see the introduction of quiet shopping hours to its stores.

The activation comes in time for Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which spans March 21 to 27.

From this week onwards, the retailer will be hosting Quiet Hour every Wednesday, from 10 to 11 am across all of its locations. The dedicated time will allow customers with specific needs to shop in a suitable atmosphere, with lowered music volumes and, where possible, switched off screens, offering a less overwhelming environment.

Team members, including office and back of house staff, will also be asked to respect the Quiet Hour.

Additionally, a new ‘Thinking Differently’ community will be set up within the company, creating a space for neurodivergent team members and providing opportunities to share solutions and connections with others.

In a statement to FashionUnited, the retailer said: “Selfridges is proud of this positive step in its journey to creating a diverse, inclusive community where everyone is welcome.”

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