Sustainable sneaker brand Rens introduces its first physical and virtual hoodie

Finnish athleisure brand Rens, known for its climate-neutral sneakers made from coffee grounds, has added its first hoodie made from bamboo to its collection. The hoodie is completely vegan and also made climate neutrally from coffee grounds, recycled plastic and bamboo viscose.

To make one “Elemental” hoodie, which costs 99 euros, one requires coffee grounds from 43 cups of coffee and recycled polyester from 12.5 plastic bottles; bamboo viscose accounts for the remaining 40 percent.

Image: Rens “Elemental” hoodie / Rens

Bamboo viscose is well suited for an athleisure garment like a hoodie, as it is a real feel-good fibre that is not only soft, but also very breathable, moisture-wicking and dries quickly. In addition, the fibre is kind to the skin, has antibacterial properties, protects against UV rays and is 100 percent biodegradable.

It is also temperature regulating, which means cooling in summer and warming in winter. Bamboo viscose is also particularly colour-stable, so that even after repeated use and washing, the five colours of the “Elemental” hoodie — Beyond Black, Earthen Peach, Embered Red, Lagoon Turquoise and Squall White — remain true and vivid.

Image: Rens “Elemental” hoodie / Rens

“Producing these fibres requires significantly less energy, making it cheaper to produce and, due to its quick growth rate, one of the fastest renewing resources on earth. In addition, the hoodie is to be produced in a climate-neutral way. By supporting climate projects recommended by ClimatePartner, Rens will offset the expected climate emissions during production,” says the brand.

Image: Rens “Elemental” hoodie / Rens

Each hoodie also has a hidden zippered pocket in the front kangaroo pocket, where one can conveniently and safely store keys, a phone, wallet or other valuables. An additional pocket, also with zipper, is located at the biceps area.

Image: Rens “Elemental” hoodie / Rens

“Elemental” hoodie also available as NFT

Rens decided to offer its first article of clothing not only as a physical item, but also as a limited edition NFT. Instructions on how to obtain it can be found on the brand’s website. The first buyers of the hoodie will even receive the NFT directly as a gift.

“To ensure that no costs are incurred through the gift, the NFT minting is done with Rens taking care of the gas fee. The distribution will be exciting with the total limited edition of almost 2,022 pieces being divided into regular, rare and epic NFT. Who gets which NFT is random and will not be known until April 14,” reveals the brand.

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