The Woolmark Company launches first online education course

The Woolmark Company has launched its first free online education course committed to providing knowledge on topics including circular design, sustainable development and wool.

The course has been developed by industry professionals for brands, designers, higher-level students, manufacturers and tutors who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the wool industry’s move towards a more sustainable business model.

During the course, the following industry experts will provide insights into the textile and fashion industry while also discussing the difficulties and possibilities of sustainability: Charles Ross, Clare Press, Dr Charles Massy, Dr Stephen Wiedemann, Leanne Kemp and Livia Firth.

Livia Firth, co-founder and creative director of the sustainable business strategy agency Eco-Age, said in a statement: “This course explores the key issues and questions relating to sustainable development, legislation, collaborative global goals, and ways to measure and manage our impacts on people and planet.

“As a global community we have the opportunity to change how we operate, to responsibly work within the planet’s boundaries, and to respect and protect the people throughout global supply chains.”

Julie Davies, The Woolmark Company’s general manager for processing innovation and education extension, explained: “With 80 percent of the overall impact of a garment defined by the design stage, this course will equip designers and brands with access to information about how they can use wool to meet sustainable development targets and align to sustainability commitments.”

Those who complete the course will receive a certification from the Credly platform.

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