Don’t miss out on these fantastic Tineco Black Friday deals

(Pocket-lint) — With Black Friday right around the corner, companies are competing for customers with incredible deals. Tineco is one of them. This manufacturer of smart appliances has lowered the price of some of its most innovative vacuum cleaners. Let’s check out their best offers.

Tineco Black Friday lineup

Here are the vacuum cleaners you can pick up from Tineco’s Amazon store this Black Friday:

Tineco Floor ONE S3 cordless hardwood floor cleaner

The Tineco Floor ONE S3 cordless hardwood floor cleaner is a top-quality device. Featuring iLoop smart technology, it detects wet and dry messes on hard floors and adjusts suction power accordingly for better results.

Another impressive function of this appliance is its lightweight design. Weighing just over 9 pounds, it provides incredible portability, allowing you to clean your home without getting tired. Plus, the product has extended runtime.


The device also has a built-in LED display and voice assistance for added convenience. You can get your hands on this top-quality product for just $255.99 – 35% less than the original price. 

Tineco Floor ONE S5 smart cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner

This Tineco model offers cutting-edge cleaning performance. The device has an advanced brush roller that glides effortlessly against hard-to-reach corners and baseboards. You can achieve a streak-free finish in less than a minute.

Additionally, it has a larger water tank than its predecessors, enabling you to tackle sizable areas uninterruptedly. The dual-tank design separates dirty and clean water, so you always vacuum with fresh water.

Also, you shouldn’t have trouble maintaining the machine. It features a self-cleaning function that automatically flushes the brush roller and inner tubes. There’s even a pet hair strainer for quick stuck hair removal.

The manufacturer again offers a whopping discount (30%) from the original price. At $324.99, it’s a real bargain. 

Tineco Pure ONE S15 Pet Smart cordless vacuum cleaner

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet mess, you can’t go wrong with the Tineco Pure ONE S15. The unique brush targets and traps pet hair without wrapping, letting you easily clean and maintain the device, even if you have multiple cats and dogs.

Furthermore, the product comes with proprietary Tineco PureCyclone technology that separates dust and air to prevent suction loss and pre-filter clogging. It delivers optimal suction power and allows you to vacuum your house rapidly.

The standard price is $399.99, but you can get it for just $279.30 during the upcoming Black Friday frenzy. 

Tineco CARPET ONE smart carpet cleaner

The Tineco CARPET ONE vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful devices for removing stains. It has a temperature controller and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater to blow hot air and keep water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature helps eliminate stains fast and revitalizes your carpets.

The machine also comes with quick-drying functionality. It dries your carpets at 167 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a display that shows various details about the condition of the carpets.

Lastly, the vacuum cleaner boasts a 1300W motor that generates 130AW suction to remove even the tiniest water droplets. It has improved bristles to help you get rid of deeply entrenched stains, smells, and dirt.

The manufacturer also offers a 30% discount on this vacuum cleaner, lowering the price from $499.00 to $349.30. 

Get your hands on these great deals

Tineco vacuum cleaners can be a massive upgrade to your cleaning arsenal. Each device is affordable, has tremendous suction power, and is easy to use. So, take advantage of these Black Friday offers while there’s still time.

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