Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months in the UK

(Pocket-lint) — Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service currently has a brilliant offer that gives 3 months free — saving you £23.97 — but you have to be fast, as it only lasts until 30 November.

That means that if you own a Kindle you can enjoy unlimited access to over 1 million books through the Kindle Unlimited service. With winter holidays calling, there’s never been a better time to sign up. 

Kindle Unlimited includes access to a million books and you can also access unlimited audiobooks, too.

The package includes numerous magazines now, so you can read the likes of Lonely Planet, Top Gear, BBC Good Food and more. And, naturally, you can read on any device, so you can enjoy Kindle books and other titles wherever you are.

When the 3 months is up, you’ll be put onto the standard Kindle Unlimited tariff at £7.99 a month, but since you can cancel at any time, it’s a perfect excuse to test out the service and get some free reading in.

This Kindle Unlimited deal is only available to Prime members, but it can be used by those who have had a free trial previously. We’re expecting lots of deals on Black Friday and that includes discounts on Kindle models too. 

Kindle Unlimited is a great service for those who like to read. While the regular Prime membership offers access to a range of books through the Prime Reading programme, it’s limited in its scope and you don’t get access to quite so many titles. With Kindle Unlimited you have much wider access so you can read some of the more popular books you’d normally have to pay for. 

That’s one of the reasons that it’s a great option coming into the holidays, because you can head off with a Kindle packed full of the latest titles to read. You can always manage your Kindle Unlimited subscription through your account, so it’s well worth signing up and giving it a go.

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Writing by Rob Kerr. Editing by Chris Hall.

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