Gotham Knights just got a huge Black Friday price cut

(Pocket-lint) — Gotham Knights has only been out for a few weeks, albeit in a release window that has seen some absolutely huge games launch alongside it.

However, Warner Bros. has already seen fit to hit the Batman Family game with a massive discount for Black Friday — slashing its price by half in the US and nearly the same amount in the UK.

The deal applies to all platforms, too, so both Xbox and PlayStation gamers are catered to.


For our readers in the UK, the good news is that Amazon has come up with a nearly commensurate saving, slashing the game’s price by 40% down to just £29.95.

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Gotham Knights got some harsh press on its release for supposed performance issues, but if you don’t mind playing at 30FPS (and we’ve all done that many times in some superb games) there’s a lot of fun to be had with it.

You get to swap between four characters fluidly, making for some really fun combat and nice satisfying puzzle solving, and it’s great fun playing through what can be a surprisingly emotional storyline.

Check out our full review of Gotham Knights here if you want more details, and be sure to grab whichever of the above deals works for you before they’re gone!

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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