Reacher season 2: Everything we know about the next Jack Reacher season

(Pocket-lint) — Amazon might have another TV hit on its hands — its show based on Lee Child’s long-running Jack Reacher books has been a real success, with the first season scoring well with critics and very well in terms of viewership.

We know that there’s a second season in the works for the show, so here are all the key confirmed and rumoured details of the show, including when it might come out and what story it’s going to tell.

Reacher season 2 release date

The headline news is that we don’t know when Reacher’s second season will come out — although we do know for sure that it’s coming after Amazon confirmed as much shortly after the first season debuted.


This means we’ll definitely be getting a second outing for Alan Ritchson’s take on the character, but it could take a while for it to arrive given that the season hasn’t been filmed yet. We know that the show will start filming in late 2022, thanks to a Tweet from Ritchson himself.

This was backed up by a report from Collider claiming the show would start shooting at the end of September 2022 with an expanded cast.

A rumour in April 2022 suggested that the show will actually shoot two seasons back-to-back for the sake of efficiency, so we might get a third season that doesn’t take as long to arrive, if we’re lucky, although this is unconfirmed by Amazon.

Either way, we would assume that some time in 2023 is the most likely slot for season two’s arrival, which means we could have a little wait on our hands.

How and where to watch Reacher season 2

The good news is that when the show does get its next batch of episodes things will be very simple in terms of where you’ll be able to find them — it’s an Amazon original, so will be exclusive to Prime Video, which you can take out a membership on at any time.

If it follows the template of the first season, every episode will come out at the same time, too, making for an easy binge. This also means that you can hop onto Prime Video to catch up with the first season at any time.


Which book is Reacher season 2 based on?

It had been heavily rumoured that Amazon plans to follow the publication order of the Lee Child books — at least initially. This would see the second season of the show tackle Die Trying, book two in the series.

This had been indicated not just by anonymous sources but also by Ritchson himself, who previously said that he wants to see the show continue to work through the books in order.

However, thanks to Ritchson’s announcement, which you can see below, we now know that the next book to be adapted will be the eleventh in the series — Bad Luck and Trouble.

This skips us forward by a number of books, although given there’s very little connecting each story that shouldn’t matter for viewers. The one bit of connective tissue, and the likely reason why it’s been chosen, is that the story features Reacher’s ex-colleague Neagley, who appeared in Season 1.

Bad Luck and Trouble sees Reacher respond to a distress call from Neagley to help her investigate the death of one of their old military unit, and things predictably get more complicated from there.

Author Lee Child has been heavily involved with the show so far, even getting a cameo in last season’s finale, so it’s also reassuring that he’ll be returning to again help steward Reacher’s new silver screen outing.

Reacher season 2 cast

The fun thing about how Reacher’s stories work is that you can only really be sure of one participant — Reacher himself. To that end, we know that Alan Ritchson will be in the show, for sure. We should see a return for his accomplice Neagley (Maria Sten), given she’s a recurring character in Bad Luck and Trouble, too.

Also joining the show is the following list of new actors:

  • Serinda Swan
  • Ferdinand Kingsley
  • Rory Cochrane
  • Domenick Lombardozzi
  • Luke Bilyk
  • Dean McKenzie
  • Edsson Morales
  • Andres Collantes
  • Shannon Kook-Chun
  • Ty Victor Olsson
  • Josh Blacker
  • Al Sapienza

Reacher season 2 trailer

Given how far out the next season of Reacher is, we’re still quite a ways off from getting a trailer from Amazon Prime — once the show’s in the final stages of production and is nearing release, we’ll add any trailers that do come out to this section for you to browse and watch.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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