Save as much as $350 on these awesome Asus ROG Strix laptops

(Pocket-lint) — The Asus ROG Strix line-up of laptops include some superb gaming machines packed full of features and high-end gaming tech to give you a glorious gaming experience. This power comes at a price, but one that’s much lower for Black Friday.

There are deals on both the 2022 models of the Strix Scar 15 and the Strix G15 models running on Amazon. These deals include massive savings that see the laptops drop to the lowest price yet. 


These Strix laptops are serious gaming machines. They both have 300MHz refresh rate screens which make them ideal for fast-paced games. The rest of the specs are fairly high-end for 2022 as well, including DDR5 RAM, fast internal storage and more. 

We’ve reviewed previous Strix Scar models and last year’s Strix G15 as well and they were magnificent gaming machines with brilliant aesthetics, solid build quality and plenty to offer the discerning gamer. These laptops are reasonably portable too, thanks to their compact design. Meaning they’re not too heavy or chunky to take with you if you need to work on them. 

Usually, they’re priced to match the serious processing power, but with these Black Friday deals they’re much more affordable and well worth looking at. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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