The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 is now superbly affordable thanks to Black Friday

(Pocket-lint) — We’re big fans of Samsung’s Odyssey line-up of gaming monitors and the G5 is one monitor that’s well worth your hard-earned cash.

There are both 27-inch and 32-inch versions of the Odyssey G5 and it has a lot to offer. With specs that include 2560 x 1440p QHD resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate, AMD Freesync Premium capabilities, HDR10 and more it’s a great device. It might not be as fancy as the Odyssey G7 but it’s still worth a look, especially with this healthy discount. 


If you’re eyeing these deals, then you might also like to consider the other monitors in the Samsung Odyssey line-up. There are some great deals on a variety of different monitors including the Odyssey G9 which is 25% less than normal and even the brand-spanking new, insanely huge Samsung Odyssey Ark, which currently has $700 off its price tag. 

Of course, the smaller monitors are much more reasonably priced and with these Black Friday deals they’re worth checking out too. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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