Walmart has the PlayStation 5 + God of War Ragnarök bundle in stock

(Pocket-lint) — There are many great gaming deals available this Black Friday, but for those who have desperately sought stock of the PlayStation 5 since launch, Walmart might have the best news of all.

It has the full PS5 console available to purchase and, what’s more, it’s the bundle that comes with the superb, five-star game, God of War Ragnarök.


The PlayStation 5 has been hugely popular since launch, with the ability to purchase one often being beyond most.

It is a great console, with up to 4K 120fps graphics and a roster of truly superb triple-A games — not least God of War Ragnarök itself.

We called it «sheer perfection» in our in-depth review, also stating that it «is, quite simply, a masterpiece.»

The sequel to 2018’s PS4 game «adds pathos, emotion and asks you to use your dome as much as finger dexterity.»

Naturally, you might have to be quick off the mark to get hold of the PS5 bundle, but we’ll also keep our eyes out for further opportunities from other retailers too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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