Find out: should you exercise when you don’t feel good?

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Is exercise a good option when you don’t feel like your best self?

Exercising is good for you! People love to say it and of course, there is a truth to it. But is exercise always good for you? Even when you’re feeling sick, exhausted or just overwhelmed and sad? Find out whether it is good for you to exercise when you’re feeling unwell.

Run down

When you feel tired from a busy work week, when you’ve just had the flu and are still recovering or when you just don’t really feel like yourself, it can be hard to motivate yourself to move your body. Because when we are sick or tired, our bodies will respond accordingly. And apparently, that sign should not be ignored. According to Amy Brogan, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, by not listening to your body you could make your problems worse. She told Woman and Home: “Exhaustion is a sign from your body to say that you need to rest. If you ignore these signs, you could get sick or injure yourself. It is not beneficial to exercise when your body needs to rest, it’s counterproductive.”

Rest days

That is why you should incorporate rest days into your training schedule. Even if you’re trying to achieve something big, like running a marathon; rest days are really important. Because rest not only helps your body recover but it also helps you recover mentally. Your body needs rest to repair itself and it will tell you exactly when rest is needed.

So allow yourself to rest and listen to the signs your body is giving you; it knows exactly what it needs and it is important that you honor those signals.

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Source: Woman and Home | Image: Unsplash, Jonathan Borba

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