Is your friendship healthy? Know how to spot a toxic friendship

toxic friendship

Some friends don’t have your best interests at heart

Friendship is a blessing. That is, if your friends are actually loving, caring and concerned for your wellbeing. But some people only have their own interests at heart. And that means that your friendship might not be what is best for you. But how do you know that a friendship is toxic?


When you’ve known someone for a long time or just think they’re a great person to hang out with, it can be hard to recognize the signs of a toxic friend. But there are some ways to find out if your friend genuinely cares about you. According to Kendall Phillips, a licensed counselor in Texas, there are some behavior traits that could indicate a toxic friendship. She told Woman and Home: “Behaviors like not being interested or ready to listen to you when you go to them for emotional support are good signs of a toxic friendship. A toxic friend may expect you to drop everything and provide emotional support for them regardless of your needs or availability, and tends to be the one that only takes and never gives to the relationship.”


But is your friend really actively trying to harm you? According to Dr. Kalanit Ben-Ari, therapist and relation expert, it isn’t that black and white. She told Woman and Home: “I do not believe that a friend can be inherently ‘bad’ for one’s wellbeing. However, it may be the case that the way one friend shows up for another is perceived in a certain way that causes pain and upset, or that the nature of the dynamic between the two friends is upsetting for one of them.”

And there are some signs that you should definitely pay attention to when interacting with people. If you feel nervous before meeting up with this friend or if you feel like you’re being put down or manipulated, then you might want to re-evaluate your friendship. Because if you free yourself of a toxic friendship you will feel better than when you let yourself be unhappy so someone else can feel good about themselves.

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Source: Woman and Home | Image: Unsplash, Samsung UK

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