Is Twitter safe for kids? Here’s what National Commission for Protection of Child Rights chief says

According to Priyank Kanoongo, none of the social media platforms, including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, are safe for children

Seeking public opinion on how safe Twitter is for children, Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson — National Commission for Protection Of Child Rights, had run a poll on social media, including Twitter itself, where more than 82 per cent have voted that Twitter isn’t a safe space for kids.

The microblogging and social networking service is used as a major tool now to create opinion across the world and people believe that children should reach a certain age before getting exposed to such information.

«It is quite clear that Twitter as also the rest of social media platforms need to follow Indian laws strictly. Regulation of content is very essential to keep our children from harm’s way. For instance, it has been seen that WhatsApp links to pornographic content is posted on Twitter and this is accessible to all, including children. Everyday we see porn, semi-porn being dished out on Twitter one way or the other. It is the responsibility of Twitter to manage and regulate content and stick to the law of the land,» says Kanoongo.

In the digital world, Kanoongo said that we have to move in the direction that control of the system should be in the hands of the family instead of the market. A favorable environment has to be created for children, he added, reports Navbharat Times.

Kanoongo said that NCPC has studied Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube and none of these are safe for children. «We have issued notice to everyone. They have to be improved. They have to be molded in the Indian environment. If they want to do business in India, then the protection of the right of children has to be given the highest priority,» he said.

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