B&B Fans Are Warming Up To Thomas And Hope’s Potential Pairing

Fans of «The Bold and the Beautiful» are everywhere on Twitter posting show clips and fan-made videos of Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester together, and in particular their most recent interactions. One «B&B» enthusiast created a video compilation of their most romantic moments, to which another responded, «The chemistry is insane omg.» Regarding Hope being practically in tears when Thomas revealed that he’d heard what she said about him, one user hilariously enthused, «Oh girl!!! she’s so close to exploding!! Hopefully Thomas is there to catch every single drop [of tears].»

One fan who is more hesitant to embrace a new Hope and Thomas pairing noted, «I applaud 2 great actors who brought tears to my eyes. See Thomas’s face which is borderline sad & angry. Hope feeling guilty for saying what she doesn’t mean & didn’t mean to hurt Thom. AN/MA [Annika Noelle/Mathew Atkinson] works very well even if I don’t want Thope.» Several responses to that post demonstrated that soap fans are really enjoying the chemistry between the characters, and applauding the actors’ performances, despite not being convinced about the two reconnecting down the line. 

Other viewers shared pictures from Thomas and Hope’s wedding in 2019, and some even got creative with one posting a photoshopped romantic wedding photo, and another making a sweet video collage. Using the squish name for Thomas and Hope, one fan gleefully punned, «#Thope for the future y’all!»

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