Brooke Burke Talks Fitness And Her New Longevity Superfood Powder Line — Exclusive Interview

Exactly. «No, I need to exercise throughout the day.» Otherwise, mentally, it can be a little tough to get through the work day.

We’re creating energy as well. That’s a big concept on my app, the mindful heart of fitness. We’re creating energy. We’re building curves, which is where we’re headed — less concentration on how much we weigh on the scale, more about how we feel inside. Can we create natural energy, and can we develop a lifestyle that is sustainable that we can stick to? That’s why I love Longevity. It gives me energy, gives me fuel. Being able to create a digital space at home and work out with someone, it’s a quarter a day. It’s affordable, and it’s time-efficient. That matters.

You’re obviously a mentor for women who are looking to get into the gym and exercise and all that. Do you have any advice for women intimidated by the gym or just exercising in general?

It’s such a big issue, and I totally get that. Women want a safe space to work out. Creating a safe space within yourself begins there. By that, I mean having your own self-confidence. You could throw your headphones in and get really focused on a program and bring it back to center and make it about you and not anybody else.

If the gym isn’t your jam, creating a home gym is super easy. All you need are some light hand weights. You need a yoga mat. Stay hydrated. Find a program, whether it’s mine or somebody else’s. There’s so much free content out there. My app is practically free. On YouTube, you can find a workout that speaks to you, at home, so that you develop strength and coordination and self-confidence.

As far as gyms go, find a class that you love. I do a live Zoom class every Friday at 9:00 AM at my house with women all over the world, not just the United States. I have women from Italy joining in and Australia. It’s an hour workout. It’s an intimate group. You can have your camera on or off. We do a Q&A after class. You get to ask questions. And it’s kind of semi-private because, if you turn your camera on, I can see you, then I can make adjustments. We know how expensive private trainers are these days. It’s a private, at-home opportunity with me. I’m really growing that business.

That’s a great opportunity. You’re saving driving time, gym Memberships, germs, and all that stuff.

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