Chip And Joanna Gaines Talk About Their Most Satisfying Renovation

Chip and Joanna Gaines talked to House Beautiful about «Fixer Upper: The Castle,» their biggest renovation to date. The power couple took on a larger-than-life revamp of Waco’s Cottonland Castle. As Joanna told House Beautiful, «This was a good challenge for me and an opportunity to stretch myself in ways I hadn’t before.» The Magnolia Network series follows Chip and Joanna’s transformation of the famous Waco castle.

Chip and Joanna’s newest series, «Fixer Upper: The Castle,» did not disappoint. The Cottonland Castle is a 1913 manor house built to look like a German castle. In the trailer for «Fixer Upper: The Castle» (via YouTube), Chip said: «The plan for the castle is to bring this beautiful property back to its original state.» Joanna added: «One of the biggest things is how do we make this feel as accurate to that time period as possible.»

Joanna also wrote a blog post on the Magnolia website, noting, «If you look past the cracks in the masonry, past the rotted floorboards, past the wilderness taking over the backyard, there is a lot of beauty to be found in this old castle.» You can watch how Chip and Joanna worked their magic on Cottonland Castle on «Fixer Upper: The Castle,» which is available to watch on discovery+, HBO Max, or the Magnolia Network TV channel. 

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