Days Of Our Lives Fans Have Strong Feelings About The Abigail Murder Mystery Reveal

This week, «Days of Our Lives» fans watched Chad DiMera put together the pieces of Sonny Kiriakis’ attack and the murder of his wife Abigail Deveraux DiMera. After learning some new information from both Sonny and Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo), Chad was convinced that Clyde Weston was to blame for his wife’s death, per Soaps. A flashback even revealed Clyde standing behind Sonny with a knife on the night that he was stabbed. Now, fans of the soap opera are speaking out about the big reveal.

«Abby [sic] killer should have been Gwen. It was disappointing that it wasn’t. It would have helped build up their feud because I really would have liked to see it again if Abby ever rises from the dead,» one fan tweeted. «WHY CLYDE, WHY?? ALEX NEEDS TO EXIT SO BEN CAN HELP HIS DAD!» another commented. «Clyde, Clyde, make it make sense. It just makes no sense, not at all,» a third person wrote. «I just keep thinking there’s a twist to whodunnit. I really want it to be Clyde to end the story already and get him off my screen, but it feels too out of left field and random,» another viewer stated.

It appears that many fans are a bit confused about why Clyde would kill Abigail and attack Sonny. Hopefully, the sudser will explain everything in the upcoming episodes.

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