Days Of Our Lives’ Judi Evans Has Sage Love Life Advice For Bonnie

According to Judi Evans, the coupling of Justin Kiriakis and Bonnie Lockhart has a lot of depth to it. The «Days of Our Lives» fan-favorite reveals that through Bonnie’s relationship with Justin, the character finally feels like the best version of herself. «[She’s] confident for the first time in her life,» the actor told the outlet. «He also likes her wild side, so she doesn’t want to tame that too much. That’s what he loves about her. I think she’s finding a security she’s never had, and it has all to do with heart, she’s just never been around anybody who accepts her, loves her, and is patient with her in the way he does,» Evans added.

Fans may remember that Bonnie was previously married to Mickey Horton. However, Evans says that the character’s marriage to Justin is a much better fit as they’re closer in age and have more in common. Over the years, there have been many exceptional couples in Salem. Duos such as Bo and Hope Brady, Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady, Marlena Evans and John Black, and many more have wowed fans over the decades. While it remains to be seen if Justin and Bonnie can follow in the footsteps of those couples, fans are rooting for the pair to have a happy ending.

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