Donald Trump Heats Up Rivalry With Ron DeSantis In Petty Response To Governor’s Presidential Bid

Shortly after DeSantis made his announcement via Twitter, Donald Trump took to his own social media platform, Truth Social, to share the following statement: «I’d like to personally congratulate ‘Rob’ DeSanctimonious on finally announcing that he will be entering the race for President of the United States … » (via Yahoo). Later, he shared another comment directed at DeSantis, saying, «Rob,’ My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!)» (via New York Post). 

While it may read as a bizarre, threatening message to some, it appears the Trump campaign felt it was a legitimate statement to be shared with the former president’s supporters. The campaign copied and disseminated the post, word for word, in an email to its subscribers and supporters later that day.

Some have been left scratching their heads, trying to understand what exactly Trump was trying to say to DeSantis. What «Red Button» the former president was referring to is unclear, leaving some to wonder whether he was referring to the United States’ nuclear capabilities, or whether he was poking fun at the initial technical difficulties DeSantis experienced while trying to start his announcement via Twitter. Further, Trump’s suggestion that he is friends with a dictator in an attempt to appear more powerful than his new opponent also left people perplexed.  

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