Expert Claims Prince Harry And Prince Andrew Could Soon Be Stripped Of Their New Roles

As far as constitutional expert Bob Morris is concerned, neither Prince Harry nor Prince Andrew should consider himself safe from being permanently removed from the royal family now that Charles is king. 

Speaking to Express, Morris posited that Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is «likely» to remove Harry and Andrew from their positions as Counsellors of State, which would take them out of the running to ascend to the throne and also prevent them from filling in for the king at royal events.

The British government is rumored to be considering removing them both from the high-ranking position because, as Morris pointed out, «we’re running out of people who can undertake the duty.» 

If the law remains the same, three out of the five current counsellors won’t be working members of the royal family, which could pose a problem. Likewise, Harry lives in America, making it considerably more difficult for him to step in for his father if required.

Crucially, neither man took over when the queen was having mobility issues, so Charles may be concerned about who could potentially do so if he faces similar problems in the future. Prince Anne and Prince Edward could feasibly take their places if the king does agree to change the law, alongside the Princess of Wales. As Us Weekly notes, Charles is widely expected to slim down the monarchy, so these two could be on the chopping block soon enough.

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