Ezra Miller arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii

Justice League star Ezra Miller has been arrested in a Hawaiian karaoke bar in Hilo for disorderly conduct and harassment.

According to a Facebook post by the Hawaiian police department, the South Hilo patrol officers responded to a report of a “disorderly patron at a bar on Silva Street”.

While conducting an investigation, police determined that 29-year-old Miller got “agitated” with people at the bar who were enjoying their karaoke session.

“Miller began yelling obscenities and at one point grabbed the microphone from a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke and later lunged at a 32-year-old man playing darts,” the police said. “The bar owner asked Miller to calm down several times to no avail.”

Miller was then arrested and their bail was set at $500 (£381).

Later, The Flash actor paid the bail and was released from custody.

 (Hawaii Police Department/Facebook)

(Hawaii Police Department/Facebook)

The Independent has contacted Miller’s representatives for comment on the matter.

In 2020, a video of Miller emerged online where they were allegedly shown choking a fan.

In the video, which began trending on Twitter, a person who appears to be actor is approached by a female fan who seems to play fight with them after spotting them in Iceland.

In response, the person says, “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” before grabbing her by the neck and pushing her into the back wall of an aisle truck parked behind her.

At the time, some viewers believed the interaction was a harmless joke since the woman appears to have a smile on her face.

However, others pointed out that the person recording the video sounds concerned.

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