Family of Sixth Street shooting victim Doug Kantor calls for additional charges

After De’Ondre White, 20, appeared in court in person for the first time Tuesday, the family of Doug Kantor, the man White is accused of killing in a Sixth Street mass shooting last summer, reiterated their calls for prosecutors to pursue charges against the friends White was with that night and the group of people with whom they were feuding.

Kantor, 25, and 13 others who were wounded were caught in the crossfire of gunshots that which police have said was the culmination of an ongoing dispute between two groups from Killeen. The downtown Austin shooting was the worst mass casualty event the city had seen in nearly a decade.

White has remained in jail since his arrest.

Kantor’s brother, Nick Kantor, said he and his family want the Travis County district attorney to pursue aggressive charges against everyone in the two groups of people who encountered each other that night.

«I can’t tell you how many times I’ve begged and pleaded and asked the DA and his team of prosecutors to prosecute … everyone equally,» Nick Kantor said.

As prosecutors build their case, they will continue to evaluate the conduct of everyone involved, Travis County DA José Garza has said. His office has not made final charging decisions.

«The district attorney’s office will not rest until everyone responsible is held accountable,» Garza said.

Doug Kantor, 25, was shot and killed on Sixth Street last summer.

Doug Kantor, 25, was shot and killed on Sixth Street last summer.

The family of Adrianna Salazar, who was shot in both legs that night, was also in the courtroom Tuesday, but declined to comment. Salazar survived but had to undergo significant surgery and physical therapy as part of her recovery.

After the shooting, prosecutors dropped the charges against two teenagers singled out as suspects and instead were pursuing a murder charge against White, who at the time was not in custody.

One of those teens, Jeremiah Tabb, was accused of shooting and injuring another person in Killeen who was affiliated with a rival group, according to witnesses cited by Austin police officers in Tabb’s arrest affidavit.

Austin police initially charged Tabb with aggravated assault, citing witnesses who said they saw Tabb on Sixth Street shoot at the other group of people that he knew.

As police realized that the witnesses upon whose statements they had built the case against Tabb were wrong, that threw the case against him into doubt, prosecutors said, and the probable cause needed for the aggravated assault charge evaporated.

Police now say that Tabb had a gun, but he did not fire it.

A grand jury later returned an indictment on the charge of tampering with evidence against Tabb, who tried to sell the gun White is suspected of using, court documents allege.

Nick Kantor said he and his family believe that justice for Doug Kantor would be the arrest and prosecution of everyone in the two Killeen groups.

«It seems like the prosecution has this mountain of evidence that they could prosecute on, that incriminates much more than just Tabb,» he said.

Tabb is out on bond and is adhering to his bond conditions, state District Judge Brad Urrutia said during a hearing Tuesday.

The Kantor family said they want White to go to trial, unless he accepts a plea deal for life in prison.

White’s attorney, Russ Hunt Jr., said the case will likely go to trial.

White «has maintained his innocence from the beginning,» Hunt said. «We look forward to all the evidence coming out.»

The shooting occurred «on a busy, crowded street, and there’s a tremendous amount of video evidence,» he said.

Doug Kantor, Austin Sixth Street shooting victim

Doug Kantor, a New York native, was visiting friends in Austin when he was shot.

Kantor attended Michigan State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, according to his family. He worked at the Ford Motor Co. after graduating and later pursued a master’s degree in business from Michigan State.

In the months before his death, he and his girlfriend had been shopping for rings, with plans to get engaged, his family said.

«Doug enjoyed new adventures, whether it was going to a new country, state, city, restaurant or finding new recipes,» said his mother, Julia Kantor.

Julia Kantor said she now thinks of Austin as a dangerous place, and she said she wishes she had told him not to visit. Julia Kantor said she wants to see the city’s Police Department get more funding, and she wants the DA’s office to pursue criminal charges more aggressively across the board.

«I blame the person who shot him, and I blame the people running Austin,» she said.

This article originally appeared on Austin American-Statesman: Doug Kantor family wants more charges in Austin Sixth Street shooting

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