Fans Tell The List What They Hope Harry And Meghan Will Discuss In New Netflix Show — Exclusive Survey

According to The List’s survey, 50% of voters want the Netflix docuseries «Harry & Meghan» to reveal where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stand with the royal family today. One commenter on the YouTube survey said they want to know the «juicy stuff,» like whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will ever be on good terms with Prince William and the rest of the family again and how the queen’s death affected William and Harry’s relationship.

If speculation is to be believed, we might find out some upsetting things about the royal family regarding their judgment and lack of respect for Meghan and Harry’s relationship. In the Netflix trailer, Harry expresses fear, saying, «I didn’t want history to repeat itself.» One can only assume he’s referencing his mother, Princess Diana, who experienced mistreatment at the hands of the media and the royal family and died after a paparazzi chase and subsequent car crash (via CBS News).

As for the royal family, it seems they’re readying for damage control once the series airs. The Mirror reported that King Charles III and William are already preparing to «respond to any allegations of racism or ill treatment of Harry and Meghan in their TV series.» As of now, chances of a warm reunion between the royals aren’t looking so good.

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