General Hospital Star John J. York Marvels At The Possibility Of Mac Being A Dad

Recently, on «General Hospital,» Mac Scorpio thought his wife Felicia might be pregnant (per Celeb Dirty Laundry). In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, John J. York felt the story was «…probably just to give Mac and Felicia a little bit more to talk about than just the grandkids or, ‘There’s a crime, I’m on my way.'»

When asked about Mac’s opinion on the possibility that Cody Bell could be his son, York said, «Mac is thinking, ‘What do I do? How do I accept this? Here’s a young man, a grown adult that I had nothing to do with, and now what am I supposed to do?’ But hopefully, with the help and love of Felicia and Maxie and patience and time, we’ll figure these things out.»

As to his opinion on Josh Kelly, York stated, «He’s a really nice guy. He’s fun, he’s light in terms of his approach to the work. He’s spontaneous and open as an actor. I see a lot of me in him … when I was a younger guy. When I was young and handsome, I could have been him!»

John J. York followed the interview up with a Twitter post saying, «Wow! Thank you Soap Opera Digest, I hope the fans have some fun with the story.»

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