General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Has A Special Message For Fans Following Exit

«General Hospital» star Johnny Wactor posted a farewell video to his fans on Instagram. «I have been so blown away by the reaction from the fans. I had no idea that you guys cared so much about my character. I’m so grateful for the outpour of questions and support,» he said. «I’ve always said that the fans of ‘General Hospital are the greatest fans in the world’ … The show’s been going on for almost 60 years, and you guys tune in every week. You care about the stories and the characters and my character’s no different…» he continued saying that whether fans were glad or sad to see Brando exit, «I’m so lucky to have been on this show and to be on a show that has a fan base that is this loyal and cares this much, I’m truly gonna miss it.»

He also said he’d miss fan comments and opinions of what the show should do. «It’s really a unique experience…[to] bring these stories to life and bring these characters to life…» he stated. «I’m so blessed and I’m gonna miss you guys, so thank you so much for letting me bring Brando Corbin to life and thank you for caring…thank you for all the support and the well wishes for my future endeavors.»

Wactor mentioned upcoming projects and didn’t rule out possibly returning to Port Charles someday. He ended saying, «Thank you guys. I’ll miss you…»

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