General Hospital’s Sonny And Donna Melt Hearts With Behind-The-Scenes Moment

«General Hospital» star Maurice Benard posted a video on Instagram with the classic John Denver song «Sunshine on My Shoulder» playing, as co-star Scarlett Brielle Spears gave him a gift. An excited Benard opened it to reveal a children’s book called «My First Baby Animals Bedtime Storybook.» The cute kid told him, «That’s for your granddaughter.» Benard remarked, «Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Thank you, baby. Aw, that’s so sweet,» and he gave her a hug. He told the person recording that he started reading his granddaughter a book the other day, and she laughed the whole time.

In the post, Benard wrote, «I said this before, and I’ll say it again, if we could all only be like children, the WORLD would not be as it is!!! @miss.scarlett.brielle gave me this beautiful gift. It wasn’t my birthday. It wasn’t any special occasion. It was just her being kind. SO SWEET.» Co-Star Laura Wright responded with, «Ohhhhh I love this !!!!» while another co-star, Tanisha Harper, wrote, «Oh stop it. Too sweet!» Fans were heart warmed and happy that Scarlett was learning the joys of giving.

Scarlett’s mother, Sharline Marie Spears, who manages the girl’s account, replied, «She absolutely adores you, always looks forward to seeing you on set. I am SO appreciative that she has found her place on GH, And even more thankful you’re able to play her dad :) @mauricebenard.»

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