Google employee says he was fired for rejecting co-worker’s advances

A Google executive has claimed that he was fired by the tech giant after he rejected the advances of a co-worker at a party back in 2019. Ryan Olohan, who is 48 years old, has accused Google of firing him after one of its top executives, Tiffany Miller, ‘groped’ him at a party, saying she knew he liked Asian women.

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan mentioned that Tiffany Miller rubbed Ryan Olohan’s abs and told him her marriage lacked “spice».

Ryan Olohan said he was initially uncomfortable mentioning it to his colleagues, but they later reduced the incident to “Tiffany being Tiffany». Ryan Olohan later brought up the issue with the Google human resources department but nothing happened about the complaint.

He also alleged that later Tiffany Miller retaliated against him, accusing him of “microaggressions» and often criticised him. She even reported him to human resources. It is, however, not known what Tiffany accused him of.

During a 2021 event, Tiffany Miller drunkenly rebuked Ryan Olohan in front of his colleagues, according to the lawsuit. She apologised but the lawsuit claimed that “although Google was aware that Miller’s continued harassment of Olohan stemmed from his rejection of her sexual advances, it again took no action.»

Tiffany Miller again berated Olohan during another get-together in April 2022 and there too, she reiterated that she knew he liked Asian women over white women, the lawsuit alleges.

In August 2022, Ryan Olohan was fired and was told that he was sacked because he was not “inclusive» and that he has shown favouritism towards high-performing employees, the New York Post report said.

Tiffany Miller has, however, refuted all the allegations, saying she has never made any advances toward Ryan Olohan. “This lawsuit is a fictional account of events filled with numerous falsehoods, fabricated by a disgruntled ex-employee, who was senior to Ms Miller at Google,» Miller’s spokesperson said.

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