Here’s What Tyler Perry Wants You To Know About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Tyler Perry wants to make it clear that what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have is special. People reports that during an interview on «Today,» the prolific filmmaker and close friend of the Sussexes recalled how he took the famous couple in while they were between homes, during their relocation to the States. Meghan and Harry briefly lived at Perry’s Los Angeles mansion, shortly after defecting from the royal family. «It was a very difficult time for them,» Perry shared.

The «Madea» creator and star continued, «What I know about the two of them, that I wish the world knew, is how much they love — these two people love each other. They found each other — out of all these odds against them finding each other, they found each other. The love they have is really, really moving, and I just wanted to do anything I could to support them.» Moreover, Perry wishes he could find a relationship just like theirs, reasoning it’s not worth it otherwise.

Perry notably posted a birthday message for Meghan in August, gushing «I’m so incredibly proud to see how happy you, your husband, and your kids are now.» His comments echo those of Harry’s friend, Ignacio «Nacho» Figueras, who revealed the truth about his relationship with Meghan earlier this month. The duke’s polo teammate shared how happy he was for the couple with People, confirming they’re absolutely perfect for each other.

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