Holly Robinson Peete Warns How ‘You Can Red Flag Yourself Out Of A Great Relationship’ — Exclusive

When asked about how the women of «Queens Court» approached their exciting new romantic possibilities, Holly Robinson Peete shared that the women were a bit tentative when it came to trusting the men on the series. «They were a little too adept at the red flags,» she explained. «I wanted to come in and say, ‘Okay, guys, we don’t need to red flag everything, because not everyone’s perfect. We’re not perfect.'»

The host and her husband certainly had some helpful perspective on what it takes to make a relationship work, having been married for almost 30 years. She told The List that their secret as a couple is always knowing when to apologize. «If you’re someone who doesn’t like to apologize, you are going to struggle in a long-term relationship,» she said. «You got to be able to be wrong.» Between the three women dating on the reality series, someone is bound to get it wrong at some point — and Robinson Peete pointed out that a given issue might be just as much about them as it is about their men.

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